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Opening its doors in 2008 Galeria 13 made a quick impact by winning Hostelworlds Best hostel in Brazil in its first year.We then knew we were on the right track so we just got better.Transforming a colonial house into one of Salavdors most important hostels we then added a pool becoming the only hostel in Salvador . Maybe thats why we were then picked Lonely Planets OUR PICK. Now if it all goes to plan we will now become probably the only Eco Freindly hostel in Salvador as we are about to install Solar panels for water and energy.


Paulo Martinho

CEO & Founder


CEO of Housekeeping


Day Team

Night Team


Chief of Security


Junior Assistant Manager Trainee


You can have the fanciest & prettiest hostel offering all the goodies but if it does not have one special ingredient it just wont last....


El Capo.The good the bad and the ugly & have probably been called a few other things too.Mellowing with age im the guy who started it all .

Now nearly nine years on i still do actually enjoy been around at Breakfast,proud of our Breakfast so i think i can show my face and make sure you will have all the info you need.


Now i have no doubt i would have just been another so so hostel if it was not for meeting this very very special woman.She started by looking after me,kept me going in my low times she then went onto bring a special bahain energy to the house. Looked after my boys (dogs) and showed all the new staff how to behave.She really does care for everybody who walks through the door. I think she is my lucky charm protecting from (olho grande) Jealous on lookers.

She will even dig out bicho de porco (a creepy bug) that gets in your foot when picked up at the beach.

Shes pretty pleased with me too,ive shown a few curry dishes,Tortilla espanola and how to make some rather tasty pizzas too.


Lucky again ,shes a little crazy but shes putting some order when it comes to keeping things clean.

The Girls

These are the ones that have such varied tasks from the mountanous job of cleaing up after you guys,making all the caipirinhas you want ,cleaning up what those caipis do and very importanly keeping you guys in order at 0300 in the morning when you think that its a great idea to bring that dubious looking local back to a dorm room.


These faces change the quickest but all bring a little something from all corners of the world.Want to be one of these most wanted ,get in touch you never know.

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Nota dos viajantes: 9,1 Excelente

What We Offer

Big Breakfast

Happy hour

Chillout & Garden


Best hostel dogs

Reception Things to do


Late Bar and Food

Our Services


Air Conditioning


Taxi and Tickets

Reception 24 hours


Bar and Snacks

Happy Hour

Big Breakfast til Noon

Chill out room

Patio and Pool



Its not to be outdone by Galeria 13 as its also in the LONELY PLANET. We offer quite an original menu for Brazil with our burgers getting a very big thumbs up,great spicy chicken, a super creamy Burrata and pesto dish , veggie options, and plenty of other yummy stuff, and of course Moqueca.

If you one of our guests you get a 10% on some of the meals.

MENU Bar ZULU 2016


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Local Knowledge and What's Happening in and around Salvador. I should sell this Guide book but ah what the hell. I hope you get an idea of what to do before getting here and appreciate all the effort required to eat and drink in so many places. We have copies in recption but this way you can plan the next day in bed.

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  • Address: Rua da Ordem Terceira no23 Pelourinho
  • Phone: (55)71 3266-5609
  • WhatsApp WhatsApp: (55)71 987843172